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My Running Journey

June 16, 2020 My very first run

This was the day I started my journey. I had been contemplating running for awhile. For the last 10 months I had been consistently doing Beachbody workouts every morning and the weather was finally starting to get warm here in Colorado (meaning it was in the 50's when I would be running). I knew this was going to be a slow process so I planned out the days I would run and the days I would be doing my Beachbody workouts. I was slow and tired my first month. I walked A LOT and I was not fast. But I kept going knowing that consistency would be key. Just like it was with ALL my Beachbody workouts I needed to keep at it and keep going. Fast forward to today and after a year of Beachbody workouts and a few short months of running I decided to become a Beachbody coach and I want to help others use running and Beachbody as tools to getting fit. I myself am still on this marathon and want to help others start and continue or start their fitness journey too.

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