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Welcome to Virtual Fit Girl Squad

It started with a dress......

I've held onto this dress for 20 years.

Thinking someday...someday I'll fit back into it....someday I'm going to wear this dress out to a romantic restaurant...someday.....someday.

Finally, one day after cleaning out my closet and hanging onto some of my someday clothes I thought I'm sick of feeling this way. I'm sick of waiting for someday. Why not today, why not this week, why not this month. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR BETH?

I had joined Beachbody finished a program or two then stopped and gained all the weight plus some back. So the next morning I was determined to get up andl workout. So I got up and started. And once I started and started seeing results. I wanted to keep going...and going....and going. Now I'm a coach and I want to help you get started today. Not someday today. Message Me Now and I'll help you get started on a journey of a lifetime.

Along with being a Beachbody Fitness Coach with Virtual Fit Girl Squad I also have my own travel agency, Fairytale Family Travel, and I am a PRN Pediatric Echo Tech.  I understand busy.  I understand looking at my schedule and wonder HOW IN THE WORLD can I fit this all in.  Let me help you cross that bridge and figure out how to do it.  I want to help you figure out How you can fit a work out in, How you can meal plan so you have time to sit down to healthy meal with your family, How you can find that me time to getaway with your loved one on vacation.  Let's work together so you don't have those somedays in your vocabulary ANY more!

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